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Time on your own in a safe and relaxing environment

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Creative Breaks Funding

You can apply for up to £500 towards the cost of your break

What’s important to Lucy?

Lucy became a carer for her husband after diagnosis of terminal cancer. She wanted time on own to reflect and ‘permission’ to participate in a regular event, solely for her benefit.

What would make a good break for Lucy?

She spends time at a spa which gave her time on her own in a safe and relaxing environment. This gave her space to come to terms with the ‘seismic shifts’ that were occurring in her life and reduce her levels of stress.

How did Lucy manage to get a break?

She used the Creative Breaks fund to purchase therapies at a spa that offered free use of all facilities with a treatment. This flexible arrangement means she can fit her breaks in with her husband’s treatment.

“There has been a seismic shift in my life”

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