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A holiday in Wales. Eating ice creams and building ties with the whole family.

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What’s important to Marion

A kinship carer for her two grandsons, Marion felt it was important that the boys spent more time doing ‘normal family time’ – eating ice creams and building ties with their whole family. They had had quite a stressful few months and she wanted the summer holidays to be a time for the boys to ‘know how much she loved them’.

What would make a good break for Marion?

The family went to Wales in the summer holidays to visit their grandparents on the other side of the family. She returned feeling ‘refreshed and happy – it was just what we all needed.

How did Marion manage to get a break?

She planned her holiday around her family – staying with relatives and, with the additional funding from the Creative Breaks Fund, took her sister with them. This additional support helped her care take a break from caring for the boys and enabled her to relax and enjoy the time away.

“I wanted them to know how much I cared for them”

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