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VOCAL survey of Midlothian Carers

In October 2015, VOCAL invited over 7,000 carers in Edinburgh and Midlothian to provide information on the impact caring has on their lives. 940 carer responded in the third and largest survey of it’s kind.

We asked cares to rate the quality of support they had received from VOCAL. 82% in Midlothian rate VOCAL’s overall response as ‘excellent’ or ‘good’.

Important findings from Midlothian on the impact and trends of caring include:

  • A growing number of carers report they are caring for more than one person (13%)
  • Around half of carers report confirm that caring has affected their finances (51%)
  • 24% report they had to reduce or give up paid work to care
  • Lack of time is the main barrier to ‘a life alongside caring’ for 20% of respondents due to being ‘always on call’.
  • Accessing benefits and allowances scored highest in a list of important issue for carers (59%), followed by  reducing energy and utility bills (52%)
  • Responding to questions what support and services VOCAL should develop for the future, most carers listed more opportunities for breaks from caring (50%), followed by services with a focus on physical and emotional health (39%).


Read the full Midlothian carer survey reports here.


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