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Becoming a carer affects us all in different ways. The daily responsibility of attending to someone else’s needs may mean that your own needs are often neglected.

Remember when you had time to meet people, go out or do whatever it was you used to enjoy doing? Leisure time is often the first thing that disappears for carers and the last thing they have time for. We can help you make ‘time’ for yourself.

If you already know what you would like then search the other pages on this site to find local clubs, activities, accessible accommodation, care providers or funds, freebies and discounts.

If your stuck for ideas then get in touch! We can talk through your ideas, answer your questions and help you contact the many services and organisations that can help.

To help get your started think about some of the questions below:

What is important to you?

  • What would you like to do more of?
  • Who do you enjoy spending leisure time with?
  • How do you feel when you take a break?

How do you get a break at the moment?

  • Do you actually get a break – even 10 minutes to relax, read a book and breathe

Who helps to share the care?

  • Other family members, friends, professionals……

How do you fund your breaks at the moment?

  • Save a little each month, apply for funding grants, gifts from family or friends

What do you or did you enjoy doing in your leisure time?

  • What do friends and family do
  • Do you have a hobby you would like to take up again
  • Is there anything new you would like to try

This could include anything from A-Z e.g. Aerobics, Bath, Cycling, Dancing, Eating, Friends, Gardening, Holidays, Ironing, Jigsaws, Knitting, Line dancing, Music, Needlework, Opera, Painting, Quizzes, Reading, Sleeping, Theatre, University, Volunteering, Walking, Yoga, Zumba!



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